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Taking Care of Aging Parents -- Our Personal Story

Paul Henderson was faced with making some tough decisions when taking care of aging parent. he was shocked to find very few places to turn to for advice. Eventually he discovered tips that could have saved his family thousands and given his parents a better quality of life. That's when Paul decided to pay it forward by creating greatTRANSITIONS®.

my father was a physician and the last year he practiced he was showing early signs of Alzheimer's and it was showing in his practice and we needed to get him to retire and I got a call and I even remember the date and actually the date was April 22nd 1994 and it was an emergency phone call you need to get on a plane your fathers had a seizure and I got on the plane and went to Illinois and then that led to 10 years of taking care of my father from a long distance.

It was quite traumatic there was no one who knew what we needed the attorney didn't know who to deal with when it came to dealing with real estate, the account didn't know what to deal with when we came to dealing with the taxes issues relative specific to to his senior needs and the financial planners you know so and so on and then that moved on to my mother developing advanced dementia and so I ended up

taking care of all her needs to and it was everything for deal with the attorneys to the finances to the elder care of people bringing people in to take care of them so it did become quite personal.

Our friends started talking to us about you've been through this what can you do to help us and so we kind of have an epiphany about this and realized this is something we can do to help people and so we spent a lot of time to developing greatTRANSITIONS®. It was quite a journey it took us about nine months to really put it together which is when we came across you guys and it's been a really a fun trip since then.

More information on making a greatTRANSITION® can be found here!


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