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How to Plan a Move for Elderly Parents

Watching our kids grow up into adults and make their way into the world is one of the most rewarding things any parent can experience it's a time of major change for our children and it's a time a major change for us too. All of a sudden the house seems so much larger, you might be tired of mowing the yard every week, or dread paying for that new roof.

greatTRANSTIONS® specializes in helping you transition from your lifelong home to the next place you call home. Paul Henderson explains why it's important to start thinking about that now and how to plan a move for elderly parents.

If people are deciding that they don't want to stay in their home forever. They know that they're not going to stay in their home forever and they want to move to "name the community" they need to make sure their children know that that they want to go to community X. The other thing they need to do is not wait till it's too late to go to that community.

There's a falsehood that all I had to do is pick up the phone and call and say hey I want to move my mother to your community and they'd say "good we have a room for you can move tomorrow". Well, they don't do that. They interview them. They want to make sure that that person will fit into the community, that their health hasn't slipped, or their mental health hasn't slipped in terms of people with dementia to the point that they're no longer an asset to the community.

You're talking about the one thing that people hate to do more than anything and that's plan.

You're right most people, as a rule, don't want to plan period. Because if you don't plan it it won't happen, and you don't admit that it's coming. But the other thing is that if we don't plan somebody's going to plan for us and then that's usually not a real good thing.

The planning starts with greatTRANSITIONS®.

It starts with greatTRANSITIONS®, it starts with a lot of material we provide. But it's important for families to have discussions with their parents and conversely with their children about what they think should happen.

That is Paul Henderson from greatTRANSITONS®. The information and materials he's talking about are all provided for free there are many helpful tools to check out on their website!


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